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Equitable Access Course Materials

Become a champion of student success

Save students from dropping out over the cost of books and help them achieve their dreams.

1) PROVIDE: When your provide students materials on time, at the lowest cost... 2) ENGAGE: They can engage with them early and often... 3) RETAIN: And experience better learning outcomes... 4) GRADUATE: Resulting in successful program completion and graduation

It's All Included.

Including all physical and digital course materials in tuition with automatic delivery sets your students up for success on day one.

  • Complete control of program cost
  • Support select groups or the entire institution
  • Academic freedom with no restrictions on adoption
  • Decrease cost to students every year 
  • Timely student engagement data
  • Dedicated support team
  • Student opt-out
Content Distribution Options: Digital - Students have access to digital course materials for the semester. Physical - Students own physical course materials at the end of each semester. Rental - Institution owns and reuses book inventory each semester, managed by Akademos

Why Choose Equitable Access for Purchasing & Delivery?

Customizing a program experience helps you focus on the highest campus priorities







How It Works.

  • Together, we identify your equitable access goals
  • We tailor your course material selection and delivery experience
  • You watch your students succeed